Friday, January 23, 2009

Bob Schneider at the Mucky Duck

If you've never heard of Bob Schneider, then you never lived in Austin and probably don't have a methadone prescription or STI from Sandra Bullock, two life-projectiles which landed gruesomely close to us at one point.

Bob is a very gifted song writer/storyteller, who's music spans several genres, but stands juxtaposed in an acoustic concert setting. Its a gamut run of emotional outpouring as well as a filthly sing-a-long with Schneider. His personality comes through in his songs and performance, which is, we think, why we like him.

We remember him well going to Texas, as The Scabs (a group of which he is the front man) would shovel their sexually explicit lyrics and metaphors into crowded fraternity parties regularly.

This was our first time at the Mucky Duck, which didn't disappoint as a venue. The sound quality was crisp and not so loud that you hate yourself for a week afterwards. The pub food was well above average.

Quick Hits from the evening:
  • Mucky Duck is a first class place, but we aren't sure its right for us all the time.
  • We overheard that the owner of another frequented pubtype (color + animal) alledgely beats women smiling.
  • Our favorite Bob song has always been Big Blue Sea, but Gold in the Sunset is nipping at heels.
  • Our fellow Lord, Diesel Byrnes, has a favorite song too and not surprisingly its Where Have all the Cowboys Gone? by the talented Ms. Paula Cole.
  • Our waiter was tragic from go, but got progressively better as we started to say rude things loud enough for him to overhear.
  • Bob recorded this session.
  • Helen Hunt is actually Asian. She had eye surgery in 1981 and bleaches her hair daily.
  • Bob played with the help of a loop device and what sounded like a Matel MyFirst Piano.
  • In a 4th grade spelling bee we proudly spelled nickel: N-I-C-K-L-E and cried ourself hypoxic right there in front of the entire grade.
  • The Mark Portugal sandwich is deliciously flavored with real chunks of Mark Portugal.
Turkey, bacon, avocado and a career 4.32ERA deep fried in angioplasty and served with a dill pickle.

  • Bob ended the night with a rousing rendition of Ass Knocker.
  • If we were a musician, we'd definitely play the bassette clarinet and our first album would be entitled: Just Put Your Mouth on It.


Diesel Burnes said...

you could at least spell my name right if you're going to falsley blashpeme me...cock!

Bleach Brown said...

You're right.
Correction: Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.