Friday, December 12, 2008

Andre Ware Rookie Cards - $0.20 and Dropping

The 1989 Heisman Trophy winner and Cougar High product can be heard each morning on AM610, partnering up awkwardly with the voice of the Houston Texas, Marc Vaginapussy. These two clowns wax poorly about Houston sports all morning with a subtle disdain for their callers and nothing original to say.

We have a particular distaste for Andre's biased takes on our Longhorns, so if you're wondering what to get us for Xmas this year, look no further.
Sometimes $0.25 is a little too pricey.

You can buy it for us here.

We'd buy it for ourselves but we're saving that money for a gum ball at the grocery store.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Buddy Guy at the House of Blues

Several Lords were seen sipping cool beer from plastic bottles at the House of Blues last Friday night. All 72 years of Buddy Guy graced the joint and was kind enough to throw heavy buckets of hot magic into a packed house.

We've never seen an inanimate object personified the way Guy makes his guitar come alive. Well maybe this.

The music was therapeutic as if we just visited Niagara Falls or a got fired from our job we hate. We left there feeling small in our own accomplishments but hopeful at possibilities of acheivement.

His music fills our empty glass with wonder. It also sublimes faces into a gaseous cloud of suffocating excellence.

We were quite impressed with the House of Blues in general. Though we didn't go upstairs, the balcony looked like a pretty dope situation. Also, getting alcohol (while $7/MGD) was no problem, as we swung several a dead cat and hit many bars and unappreciative patrons. If you have the chance, check it out.

(HT: D Byrnes)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dear Sunny 99.1

Dear Sunny 99.1,

First off, we applaud your monumental strides at maintaining the status of Houston radio's pink retarded baby koala. Forced, by the mongrels who work amongst us, to listen to your trite pop selections at work we have no complaints; sometimes you even drop an unannounced Chris Isaak* buzz-saw on us and it takes all our strength not to roll around on the office floor in a crude display of jubilance. Occasionally, when its A Morning in Studio with Dido, we contemplate drowning desk radios in broken urinals, but for the most part, we okay.

There is something troubling us today though:

Christmas Conga by Cyndi Lauper
Last Christmas by Wham!**
Merry Christmas with Love by Clay Aiken
White Christmas by Michael Bolton
8 Days of Christmas by Destiny's Child
This One's for the Children by The New Kids on the Block

All in one hour? Surely not. Do you have any broken glass we can eat to get this taste out of our mouths? Perhaps something dull and hard to ram with extreme prejudice into our tender thoraxes.

Its only the 4th and Julio Inglesias has raspingly wished us a panty dropping Feliz Navidad 20 times. Elvis, Boyz II Men and The New Kids recorded seasonal songs to exclusively pay for prostitutes, barbiturates and suede suits during the negative slope of their respective careers. Not really gifts the Three Wise Men toted.

Besides, encouraging Harry Connick Jr. only makes him seem more human and, trust us, this will be trouble in the long run.
We'll be the first to say it: HC2 is the definitely a seed of the Serpent. You see talent behind that thoughtless gaze. We only see monsterous wrath in those bangs.

We can only assume the Sunny studio is just a pale virgin named Tyler broadcasting from his sister's basement, so we're not pretending this letter will end up on the COO's desk at Cox. We'd just be neglegent if we didn't point out that Sunny is contaminating Houston with stronger pollutants than Dow Chemical.

Best Wishes,


*In 1990 we wrote a doctoral thesis entitled "Influences of Sea-level Rise on Tidal Inlets caused by the Wicked Game Video."

**Anything recorded by the group Wham! gets a pass on this website, due in part to the fact that "Careless Whisper" once saved our lives. A story we will never share, but haunts our every breath.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lords to Austin

If you need us, we'll be in Austin this weekend fighting off the Hanta virus we've contracted in Wuppertal/Florida/Vegas with the aid of near lethal champagne, dark meat and Texas football consumption.

We will be gating
near the Dish at least 12 hours before kick off, so come on by and get an autographed picture for your grandchildren. Just listen for Billy's Ocean's Suddenly on glorious loop in the corner of the parking lot.

In the m
eantime, an ol
ldie but goodie:

Aggie Fan

Aggie Fan has little in his life to celebrate, therefore any thimble of success is reason to collectively hold hands in solidarity as men in uniform and then later use that same grip to rejoice inside a ruminant. Chances are he’s got home and away Troy Aikman jerseys in his closet and plans to wear both of them at some point this week.

In every 32 Aggie Fans, there is Aggie Woman. A stocky female, forged from the hardened cowpies that litter the streets of Bryan/College Station, Aggie Woman shops for clothing in BBQ restaurants and has seen more trucker penis than a urinal off I35. Her nipples are like fighter pilot’s thumbs and she menstruates Pabst Blue Ribbon. Aggie Woman is like the white guy in a southeast St. Louis off-shoot of the Crips; you don’t know how she got there, but she’d cut her own mother’s throat out in the name of respect.

Grampa Aggie is a gentleman by nature, until game day when Kentucky Deluxe and deer sausage turn your family butcher/taxidermist into a belligerent maroon hurricane who vomits okra casserole on his dying wife whilst pridefully spouting antique racist slurs, not used publically since sometime around The New Deal. He’d dive head first into his burlap-sack-wearing pregnant daughter-in-law, if he thought it might help his team get a first down. Grampa Aggie attended A&M during the rapiest years of sheep raping, and still can’t be trusted around the family collie.

...should you ever be unfortunate enough to meet one of the aforementioned, simply place any visibly shiny objects on your person in a small pile and cover said pile with a mixture of Mint Copenhagen Long Cut, giblet gravy and nacho cheese, then run as fast as you can downwind.

Hook 'em

Saturday, November 22, 2008

in case of stairs use fire

our london hotel had a fire drill for kicks last night circa our third late-for-biology-exam and nude dream. Thank you Arora Hotel Heathrow for the complimentary water bottle and the ear siren we will happily check home with us to the States.

We're on CO33 headed back towards the Loop. Stinky McNevershowers and his pickled tuna breathe next to us say a very long hello to you all.

See you loopside!

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Bossman

New bosses interviewed with Satan and are incentivized based on the volume of smooth homogeneous paste derived from crushed employees' souls. A paste so silky and delicious it could only be the hot fruit of the wicked. For us, this new hellspawn is Kyle. can almost taste the work ethic

Upon introduction Kyle attempts to personify himself by telling us a little about his hobbies, only he fails to mention the budding collections of schoolyard manhole covers and marble busts of Benito Mussolini. He directs his babybutcher narrative into our eyesockets for fifteen minutes but all we can hear is an audioloop chainsaw montage from Evil Dead II at accelerated pitch. This despot clamps his monstrous claw onto our superfluously moisturized hand and we look up pondering whether to begin gnawing at our own wrist in deathrow-
jailbreak fashion.

In 1965, Kyle was conceived when an arrant school bus plummeted de
ep into a west Pennsylvania coal mine. His glare sees your ideas before you have them and thinks they're shit. Kyle preaches corporate motivation strategies from a glossary of pain and does so with a mustache who's ecosystem’s inhabitants have just discovered feudalism. He can't be killed because how do you murder a stone.

Alarming just standing still, Kyle tends to suddenly excite over the paperclippiest of events. His testosterone level fires from newborn to werewolf when he meets a contracted draftsman and we envision their furious handshake leading to a cartilage-popping, arm-from-shoulder amputation, ending with Kyle forcibly sodomizing his poor insurance-less employee with the bloody stump.

Groomed at a jungle school for office politics, Kyle takes the position that if you’re not the alpha gorilla you’re relegated to heaving fistfuls of ejaculate on passing zoo visitors. We watch, paralysed in awe, as he surgically picks off tenured members of staff with the accuracy of a seasoned Green Barrette on a twelve day Bolivian forest-coke binge. Making a 52 year old father of four cry himself incoherent mongoloid on a conference call breaks our reason into dust.

He has a
rranged an off-site meeting with us and 3 gargoyles in our organization, calling it a white paper session. We assume its some type of occulty-Reich initiation where we dip our hands in hot wax then broken glass and endfight Susan from HR. Our expected pain threshold for this ritual lies somewhere between a Muppets on Ice interpretative tribute to the band Nickelback and being forced to ensconce a lit stove with a leaky bucket of muriatic acid in our lap.

However poorly it goes next week, it could never be as bad as what fates young Billy Joel.
We do miss the talent, but most of all we miss the hair.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Growing Pains

As I turn another year older on this festive Dia de los Muertos, I’d like to take a moment to reminisce on my childhood and recall some of things that used to fill the days of my adolescence not so long ago. Although conceived in the seventies and born into disco, it was the 80s that shaped my inner core making me who I am today.

To give you a glimpse into my supple soul, I give you the ingredients that flow through my body and make up the better part of who I am today. We start with a cup of Tennessee and add a barrel of Texas. After bringing this mixture to a slow boil you add the following to create what we know as Edward Wrath the Only:

My first album – received on my 8th birthday.
Everybody wants to rule the world - Especially me with my kick-ass jambox.

I had ‘em. You did too. We were the S-H-I-T. At least on our backyard basketball court of dreams…

This stuff was actually banned in several south-east Asian communist countries.

It's the stuff dreams are made of.

War is peace. What is the equivalent today? Pok-e-mon? WTF? Team America, Fuck yeah!

I actually had these confiscated by my 2nd grade teacher. And on to baseball cards it was. The ‘rents would rather have me worship a bunch of alcoholic, tobacco-chewing spitters than a few obnoxiously-grotesque cartoons. Go figure.

A duck that has so much money he can swim in it. Does it get any better than this?

I pity the fool who didn’t eat this cereal.

I still don’t understand why Obama never involved these three in his campaign to cross racial barriers.

I may be a little stale these days. My body makes a few more creaks and groans than usual, but put me in the microwave, warm me up and I typically thaw out pretty well. And remember, life will always taste just as yummy, so long as you never forget your (ginger) roots - especially the ones with FDA-approved perservatives from the best decade man has ever known.

Associate Junior Member of AARP and Product of the 80s

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Couples Night: Kings of Leon

Who's going to tell us about the show on Tuesday?

Mr. Burnes and Mr. Wrath and the controlled vomit noise/train shearing sound of Kings of Leon. A breathtaking night for couples everywhere, we imagine it went a little like the clip above.

Happy Birthday Motherfucker!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Colt McCoy - The Man, The Myth

There’s no denying the admiration we Lords have for Mr. McCoy, but we are going to try and personify the innate power overflowing out this unhuman beast we know as Colt-45. Put simply, he makes the impossible a given. Some may have heard of these myths, but we’ll try and recount a few for your reading blog pleasure:

(1) Colt devised the Dewey decimal system while eating a fruit roll-up in 2nd grade;

(2) Those scenes from the Matrix that you thought were CGI - that was actually Colt captured on camera in slow motion;

(3) The Members Only jacket was custom made for Colt. He is the only member;

Original design was "Stud's Only"
(4) There’s air, fire, earth and water, then there’s the fifth element, COLT;

(5) Colt went back to the future traveling at 88 miles-per-hour while carrying Marty and Doc on his back and pulling the broken-down Delorean.

(6) Every Cracker Jacks box that Colt opens has two prizes;

(7) Colt rescued baby Jessica from the well in Midland;

(8) You can’t ask Colt a knock-knock joke, because he always knows who’s there;

(9) Colt speaks seven languages, in tongues. Colt's Dad served on then governor George W. Bush’s security detail. His Dad has also played golf with Ben Crenshaw, twice. And Colt converted the entire nation of Peru to Coltism, I mean Christianity, by waving from a taxi on cross-city trip through Lima.; and

(10) The Eurythmics were dead wrong - sweet dreams are made of Colt.

'Colt had just another unbelievable performance. I've never seen anything like this.' — God on QB Colt McCoy

We have no doubt that the above-mentioned experiences and intangibles will push the Horns over the top this weekend in Lubbock to triumph over the Dread Pirate Leach. “As you wish,” Colt always says to the begging Longhorn fans requesting a decisive victory.

Lords of the Loop prediction for the weekend: PAIN!


E. Wrath, Second Lieutenant of LOTL

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We called in cold today. Highs under 68 of the Fahrenheit variety frighten us to our very core. With Halloween approaching we thought we'd share some other nightmares we'd hope to never wake up to:

1. Tejano music coming from a slow moving Chevrolet
The Medusa Stare. All we remember is a discolored tan hoopty broadcasting Serena and then paralysis.

2. Pools of milky water
How did milk get in the street? Wait...that's not milk. Terror.

3. SkyNet
We were babysat by the Terminator films, which is why we refuse to be fooled by the toaster's color coding for light brown English muffins.
"It has a popcorn button, does it know?!"

4. Sandwiches from the gas station
The package is foggy. Does chicken salad have green specks in it? We don't know. We've always run from green specks, like we're doing right now.

5. Stafford, TX
Plunging property values and retention ponds score bigger on our Vertigo Index than high altitude skydiving or mercury milkshakes.

6. Helen Hunt
No explanation needed.

7. The old naked guy in the locker room
He's got his hands proudly on his hips and swinging a mess of genetailia that looks like an angry Ernest Hemingway.
Intimidatingly regal, but has many a dark tale to share.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ten Reasons Why It’s Better to Live in Lubbutt, TX Than Inside the Loop

1) Graduating from High School is considered a great accomplishment;

2) Dressing in style is as easy as going to Ross Dress for Less. The GAP is also acceptable;

3) Dinner dates are limited to Outback Steakhouse, Chile’s and TGI Friday’s, which are all pretty practical places to go considering the economy. Man, we love fried stuff with cheese, especially when it is served with an entrĂ©e and a dessert for $12.99;

4) Never a shortage of pirate costumes for Halloween;

5) Will never be an Al Queda target – why would they want to destroy something that looks like their homeland?

6) Number one ranked training ground to become an Italian Transportation Engineer, a.k.a. pizza delivery boy;

7) No reason to feel “embarrassed” about that STD since everyone that has a driver’s license has at least four;

8) You have no problem with a restroom pit stop at Diamond Shamrock, because by comparison it’s a lot cleaner than your own bathroom;

9) Plenty of day care at the Junior prom;

and of course:

10) Texas Tech hotties

which might be the cause of this:

Lubbock or leave it? – We think we’ll take the Loop.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Salute to Local Advertisers, Installment II: The Finger Pointing Guy

It is with great regret we issue this post as one of the greatest local advertisers in history has apparently run his business into the ground. Rodney S. finger, the man that committed Einstein-like innovation for the less-than-$100-per-commercial world when he first gayly pointed at his home audience in conjunction with the equally diety-esque tag line "at your fingers", has decided to cut his losses.

Not lost of course is the gesture's pornish inuendo, which will live in infamy along with the debt of 95% of the customers.

Founded in 1927 by Sam Finger, by 2006 the Houston furniture retailer was among the top 50 furniture retailers in the country while pioneering the idea of staging his goods on a showroom floor. Little did he know that his vision birthed on the eve of the Great Depression would see a 50th birthday and proceed to peter out as the younger, fourth generation Rodney (or "the Rod" as his fellow furniture peddlers refer to him) got a little too big for his britches with schemes to double the size of his inventory. Great timing Rod. I suppose you were hoping to squeeze your share of the final drops of bad credit out there into your already impregnated pockets.

Now retired, we assume he will be pointing at his slicing Top Flights, 15-Couric turds, and supple underage country club lifeguards. We are confident, however, that he will continue to support the non-profit Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM), Houston Furniture Bank, and the host of other charities he has given his time and miscellaneous cash to over the years as most successful Houstonians are known for. Peace out Fingers - your commercials sucked something fierce anyway.


Some facts obtained from Allison Wollam's 2006 Houston Business Journal article

Friday, October 17, 2008

Definitions: Comcastic

Comcastic (adj.)

(1) feculent, to be valued less than sewage.

(2) expresses the customer service received in a serial killer's hell.

(3) denotes an injury or pain, resulting from nude cactus wresting under a lime juice waterfall.

(4) characterizes a species of Tanzanian water bird which both consumes sustenance and defecates from the same orifice.

From the Italian root comcastino meaning "hand rape."

See also comcasting (v. eating, digesting and ultimately passing a masonry brick), comcasm (n. the coma one receives from too much enema solution), comcastally (adv. work performed in a such a manner as to make things twice as bad) and comcast (n. an infected second anus).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

None of the Above!

As we inch closer to the inevitable presidential election in the first week of November and we cull through the myriad of heart-felt hollow promises the desperate candidates offer to the people of America. Will we be looking toward a more preferable path as we begin the New Year? We at the Loop have no political affiliation. No affection for one candidate in particular. The only thing a presidential election is really good for is to oust the refuse from the ivory house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Like you, we’re not sure if it’s better to cast our ballot for a terrorist-loving megalomaniac who may not have even been born on U.S. soil or an octogenarian that has spent more time in a Vietnamese-torture camp than he has in front of a computer. Then of course, there’s also the 74% chance that Frankencain will drop dead within the first 45 second after one of the Whitehouse interns slips a Viagra tablet into his morning Mochachino to consider.

Before we know it, we'll be dealing with a Vice President succeeding to office with about as much foreign policy as a greenhorn from Deadliest Catch. Yes, we know you can see Russia from your backyard, but could you imagine what the U.N Security Counsel would do to a former Ms. America behind closed doors? Not to worry. If for some reason another tragedy should befall the country and Ms. Palin was misplaced, the Elephants already have a back-up plan, so we doubt you’d even notice that the Alaskan was missing. Ever seen the movie Dave with Kevin Klein? Let me give you a hint, this movie is the “contingency plan”. For a glimpse into what is potentially forthcoming please see below:

Thank God for closed captioning.

In sum, when you think about pulling that lever on the first Tuesday of November let us recommend the wise advice Montgomery Brewster offered us in the 80s cult-classic, Brewster’s Millions:

Cheers to adding another trillion dollars of debt over the next four years and to hoping the next invasion target is Canada!

Got oil, eh?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Rise of the Houston Jabroni

Jabroni (n) – derived from Jabronious douchebagorous

Language of origin – slang

(1) A nocturnal young man, often overly-tanned and tattooed, who chooses to wear sunglasses in dimly lit places and men’s jewelry and exudes much unneeded attitude in effort to feign an elevated place in society.

For some time now, we at the Loop have become greatly concerned about the plague that has recently come upon us, namely the arrival of the Jabroni to the Houston area. Many ask, “What exactly is a Jabroni?” Well if it isn’t clear from the above-provided definition, let me provide you with demonstrative Exhibit A:

For a full explanation, click on the video below – if you dare:

He's right, Lloyd Carr is a fucking Jabroni.

What is the origin of such a creature? Many believe that the source of this feral beast can be traced back to the upper downtown area of none other than the pretentious city to north of us, Dallas. Our concern here is that this depraved creature will attempt to alter the night life we have come to know and love in Houston. You may say, what’s the trepidation here? Well, before we know it, Jabroni gang wars will cause the undesirable spilling of hair product and Axe body spray into our beloved streets. At will, Jabronis will steal our women with their impressive calf implants and 3 series BMWs. Sure, they may only be brave enough to venture into Midtown at this point, but what’s next? Upper Kirby? The Heights? Can you imagine what a gaggle of Jabronis would do at The Tasting Room on a Friday night? That’s right – pretty soon they’ll be encouraging everyone that it’s OK to mix that $48 bottle of Pinot Noir with a little Red Bull – what’s the harm, you say? And it gives you a little kick. Pretty soon we are all Jabroni clones accepting that men shouldn't be embarrased to wear mascara and True Religion jeans. And we'll all have "nicknames" like Val and C.J. endeavoring to entice young ladies back to our apartment for an Irish Haystack. They might have credit card debt larger than some Eastern European countries, but real Jabronis know that spending that $200 they never had on t-shirt from Neiman Marcus was worth it. Otherwise, that inebriated community college student wouldn't have ever spotted them in the bar, let alone agree to that spontaneous hand job in the girl's bathroom at the Drake.

Who say’s it’s not cool to talk shit or start a fight with a guy just because you thought he looked at you funny? Not we, say the Jabronis. Well, we will no longer support such a movement. We are hereby throwing our resources into halting this tidal wave of ridiculousness by boycotting the following establishments, which are known breeding grounds of Jabroni gang activity: The Roof, Citizen Lounge, and Red Door.
No longer will we have to worry about catching a fleeting glimpse of an inappropriate male tramp stamp, an arm band tattoo, or a strategically tilted baseball cap. Free of thumb rings, Jager bombs, and popped collars we will be.

Should you or any of your friends, come across a Jabroni outside of the aforementioned establishments, please immediately call 9-1-1 and report this activity to the proper authorities. We can halt this pestilence, if we work together.

Lords of the Loop
Promoters of a Jabroni Free World

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Salute to Local Advertisers, Installment I: Mattress Mack Daddy

Surprising it is, we know, that Houston has arguably the most flamboyant base of self-advertising bidness men this side, even the other side, of the Mason-Dixon Line, especially in the furniture industry.

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale, or Don Moneytree in the secret society of furniture store owners known as Act Like You Are Insane On TV and People Will Buy From You Holla, started with five grand in 1981 and has since built a $100 million a year empire. He manages to do so with only one store and for over 10 years has raked in more jack per square foot than any other furniture retailer in the country. Given the median weight of the city it's easy to see how a family of four can run through an overstuffed living room set in as little as 6 months thus providing a healthy market place for those upholstered products made abroad by the lowest bidder.

It pays to have Turrets

We'd be remissed not to mention what most tenured Houstonians know already which is that in light of the serious bank Mack hauls away with everyday, he is an avid philanthropist giving much of his time and loot to various charities and non-profits across the city in addition to supporting and promoting higher-browed affairs in tennis and horse racing. His cup runneth over and he aims for the less fortunate. Yes ma'am, that there is mighty neighborly of Mack, the Houston way.

So here's to you Mattress Mack - no longer will the public have to settle for the couch that isn't deep enough to hold Uncle Junior's humongous size 60 ass; no longer will they have to shop at more than one location in order to buy both electronics and a new most-proudly-priced-memory-foam-mattress out there; no longer will they have to stress not being able to buy what they can't afford in the first place; and no longer will they have to sit in an empty house for more than 12 hours because this is American and they shouldn't have to damnit...

because you can get them that couch big enough for Junior AND his hooker; you can perch the 60" plasma that never seems to fully focus on the wall AND get Daddy a bed he'll fall asleep on in less than 5 minutes so sound he won't even hear Junior choking her; you can coerce a bank to loan them money they don't have and worsen the credit crisis; and you can get it all in the home they also can't afford and will eventually be foreclosed on TODAY!!!!


Some facts obtained from Loren Steffy's 2006 column.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looprivia Vol 1: Know your Hole!

Alright, the first muppet to answer all three questions correctly sits squarely akimbo to your very own lords at THE Houston concert of 2008.

October 14th. The Toyota Center. Your god and ours...

Neil Diamond
Please try not to lick the screen

The tickets alone are made from tight leather and rhinestones. They radiate an anxious fever and smell the way you'd expect angels to smell. After the concert, if you plant your ticket a tree grows that yields beautiful put poisonous fruit. Our girlfriends wanted to play naked volleyball with the tickets, but instead the tickets sat them down and explained the importance of fidelity and trust in a relationship.

- Looprivia Vol 1: Get in Your Hole!-
1. On any given Tuesday night, what is the ratio of lesbians to straight women at Roeder's Pub on Shep?
a. 1:1
b. 2:1
c. 5:1
d. 32:1

2. True or False. When the garage doors are open, can you smoke cigarettes inside Late Nite Pie?

3. At Kay's Lounge you can:
a. bring your own liquor.
b. contract a pretty aggressive Staph infection.
c. drink so much you go paralytic in the back of your friend's pickup truck, subsequently get taken to outside his girlfriend's house in Midtown and then robbed by a transient who we swear looked like Little Richard and Biz Markie had a baby in a tank top.
d. All are suitable answers.
We've seen destruction and it's neon blue.

First to comment correctly - GO!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Classy Pawn

ClassyPawn is your Houston area buyer of all things classy. During this climate of economic instability, ClassyPawn specializes in paying you straight Franklins for your family heirlooms and upscale merchandise of all kinds.

Did you leverage equity and invest heavy in the American automobile industry?
Pending corporate fraud suit got you buying tickets to Venezuela?
Is the IRS about to seize that impressive vault of '72 Clos du Val?

Our certified professionals know a good vintage and we aren't afraid to replace your collection of chocolate undertones with untraceable bolivares fuertes.
Because there's no Chateau Margaux for inmate no. 41604-018 at the Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, FL.

Is your wife coming back from her hen trips relaxed and covered in someone else's bronzer?
Does she smell like sweat and Aqua Velva after late business dinners?
Does she call you Todd when your name is Henry?

Bring that cheating bitch's shit on down to ClassyPawn where we will pay you ten cents on the dollar for slightly used, high end woman's apparel and accessories. Escada, Fendi, Gucci, D&G, St. John's, watches, shoes, purses, bring in all and let us decide which pantsuit you just burn.

She'll be wearing clothes from K-Mart and sleeping on her lover's futon while you're in Vegas sliding the cash from her mother's engagement ring into friendly G-strings.


ClassyPawn now barters in HUMAN ORGANS!
Did the Lebanese peasant-kidney turn out to be bovine?
Did you wake up with a tummy ache in a Los Cabos bathtub full of ice?
Not happy with you current retinas?

ClassyPawn will turn that low mileage '71 Daytona into a shiny, chilled liver. At ClassyPawn we guarantee the finest Christian organs you can find north of the Amazon.

How good do we think our supply of organs are? Well, we'll bet your life on it. Free delivery.

You can't put a price on three more years of kidney function, but ClassyPawn can!

Look for our new location on W. Alabama next to The Tasting Room and Fleming's for your classypawning convenience.

Investment Advice: Go Heavy On Oral

We, and by that I mean us Lords, are very concious of personal portfolios. Every day we check the markets, commodities, interest rates, and stay aware of the impending fuck ups the FED is going to make so we know when to jump ship. We seek only the finest in financial advice...

Old Dirty and I talked just today over lunch at Sparkle Burger (the best burger in Houston - no really - at Dowling and Leeland across from the most awesome taco joint, Brother's). He looked me in the eye and grunted mostly but managed to point out that, in addition to treasury bonds which are pretty safe and sound, the other chicken shit investment that is flying off the shelf is gold. That's right. Bling. And H-town is ripe with many a blinging cowboy and cowgirl of all shapes and sizes. Gold, however, comes with its issues. Primarily, where do you keep it? The answer can be seen in these urbanites head shots:

On your grill of course. What better way to display your investment sensibility and prowess than to smatter your chops with it? How often does your mouth get robbed? And best of all there is an infinite variety of oral wardrobe investment vehicles.

(classic gold and ice; also in silver; ice lovers)

(fetish lovers; just for kids)

As you can see it won't take you long to find the grill that's right for you. So what are you waiting on? There are many, many individuals who are way ahead of the curve on this one and are reaping the benefits of their investments today. Ask anyone of these people what they think is their best investment to date and what do you think they'll say?

Paul Wall, Flava Flav, & Chingo Bling

I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. And these guys have already seen there gold and diamond encrusted fronts double or triple in value (Flav bought his in '88 yo). Hell, even Fluffy is gettin' in on the investment tip.

All we ask is that when your friends are admiring your new smile tell them where you got you the idea.

Monday, September 15, 2008

No thanks, Ray

So there was this storm that started in the gulf so large that people who get paid to watch weather gave it a name, Ike. These storms, called hurricanes, have 7 categories of strength and don't typically remain an actual hurricane by the time they get 50, 75, 100, 150 miles inland. They are then called tropical storms or tropical depressions to gay up the lingo (even the weather needs a diverse audience) and address the fact that even though they aren't hurricanes they can still send kittens through blocks of concrete.

Not Ike.

Ike decided to remain at Category 1 strength all the way through the heart of East Texas - the Piney Woods. A lovely piece of Texas that just the right number of people know about.

Now watch carefull Ray Nagin...

You Know the Mexicans are a "Can Do" Bunch

Get Some Tools for Yourself

Our Black People Practice Self Reliance

You are about to see how to run and repair a city and region that has catastrophe land on its face. And no, we don't need your help. Maybe the folks in the rest of your state will be allowed to contribute, but for the most part, we got it. We have enough pride in our city, our state, and ourselves to motivate us over the hill of overwhelmingness. NO, NO, NO, stay over fuck up your city a little sit down...stay. Good boy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kiss My Ass Ike

So it’s official. Houston is staring down the barrel of a Cat 3 and he’s about to give most of south Texas the bird. You know, keeping up foreign relations.

For context, that hair was rated as a Cat 6.

We were considering heading over to Costco to stock up on some provisions for the weekend, but we realized we’d rather not arm wrestle wandering vagrants from outside the Loop for that extra jar of cheese whiz and jumbo pack of giant pixi-sticks.

And if that weren't enough to deal with, the Horns'/Toothless Pigs' game has been moved to the 27th. We can tell you one place we will definitely not be on that date: Austin, Texas. Can you imagine what that city will be like on that weekend? ACL fest goers will be so high on R-kansas trailer park meth it will look like Hill Valley from Back to the Future II.

At least Amy Winehouse will finally feel at home. And if Bobby Petrino stumbles up to your door and offers you a nice little treat, just remember this:

4 Back - Yes We Can

12 of 13. 4 back in the Wild Card, chasing a Milwaukee team which has repeatedly taken a flaming claw hammer to the gland responsible for effective play. After the current series with the 'Buccos, the struggling Cubs come to town for a three game set, then series:
at Florida
at Pittsburgh
Florida is barely playing .500 ball. Pitt, Cincy and the Braves are all sweepable series. Pitching matchups and a complete schedule here.

Last night, Rice product and 3 year winner of the Houston Golden Chops Award for community service and excellence in the field of general unkeptness, Lance Berkman went 3 for 4 with a 3 run shot and 4 RBIs. The Astros surge is helping Lance's top 5 slugging numbers make a case for NL MVP in a mucky pool of candidates. Did we mention Lance has the power of levitation
We can't see any strings, because all we see is PUMA.

If you're like us, you'd be remissed to forget the last tragedy sent from across the Atlantic. A chaos of never seen epicness which still resonates through the guest rooms of Houston's middle class population. So many suffered, when they didn't have to.
Hurricane Ikea - We Remember!

If you haven't evacuated yet, get out and buy a couple $7 GA tickets to Minute Maid and support Lance, Hunter, Miggie, Wiggie and the rest of the hard charging Astros.

After all, they're winning for YOU. What have you done for them?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Married to College Football

For most of the bachelors in the Loop, football season is a time joy. A time to consume Banquet Beer and salty snacks. Although college football may punch you in the stomach every now and again, like when your team loses to Arkansas State, she never talks back to you.

That's what happens when you forget to wear your belt to the game.

She’s doesn’t whine that the outfit you’re wearing on the date makes you look like “You didn’t make any effort.” She’s a happy ending to a massage. She may not be able to make three sounds at once, but damn, she sure does come close.

As the sun rises every Saturday morning, and pours its golden beams in though our bedroom windows, we know when we stretch out our arms and hit the TV clicker, Herbie and Mel Brooks will undoubtedly be jerking each other off to decide which of the following three teams is the greatest thing since toaster struedel: Florida, Ohio State or USC. Scary we know, but it’s inevitable and it’s our passion.

It's our guaranteed hook-up after a Friday night of pouring Jager Bombs down our throats at Christian's Tailgate hoping that sloppy looking U of H law student would finally stumble into us after her Broadway-worthy rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart. Oh how we love thee College Gameday.

So we ask you this: Why do couples continue to schedule weddings on such a sacred day when there are so many other lovely weekends throughout the year? Why can’t you get married during the NBA playoffs or perhaps at any point during hockey season? Why must you insist on robbing us of the one constant thing in our life? Yes, it’s our fucking teddy bear.

Oh yeah, and there’s a hurricane named Ike headed our way. Thank goodness the Horns’ game is on ABC so when the power goes out we can sit in our apartment and take giant gulps of carbon-monoxide from the gas generator as it powers the 13-inch black and white TV with rabbit ears Grandma bequeathed us when she passed away in 1992. Yes, Colt can flex from the 5-yard line and penetrate the endzone. Pulled pork will be his appetizer before entering the Zeta house for dessert.

Obstacles? I think not.

Hit me again Ike, and put some stank on it!

There. We're done. We hope you’re looking forward to Saturday as much as we are. Oh and cheers to the groom! May you have a happy life with your bride and your castrated college footballs.