Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looprivia Vol 1: Know your Hole!

Alright, the first muppet to answer all three questions correctly sits squarely akimbo to your very own lords at THE Houston concert of 2008.

October 14th. The Toyota Center. Your god and ours...

Neil Diamond
Please try not to lick the screen

The tickets alone are made from tight leather and rhinestones. They radiate an anxious fever and smell the way you'd expect angels to smell. After the concert, if you plant your ticket a tree grows that yields beautiful put poisonous fruit. Our girlfriends wanted to play naked volleyball with the tickets, but instead the tickets sat them down and explained the importance of fidelity and trust in a relationship.

- Looprivia Vol 1: Get in Your Hole!-
1. On any given Tuesday night, what is the ratio of lesbians to straight women at Roeder's Pub on Shep?
a. 1:1
b. 2:1
c. 5:1
d. 32:1

2. True or False. When the garage doors are open, can you smoke cigarettes inside Late Nite Pie?

3. At Kay's Lounge you can:
a. bring your own liquor.
b. contract a pretty aggressive Staph infection.
c. drink so much you go paralytic in the back of your friend's pickup truck, subsequently get taken to outside his girlfriend's house in Midtown and then robbed by a transient who we swear looked like Little Richard and Biz Markie had a baby in a tank top.
d. All are suitable answers.
We've seen destruction and it's neon blue.

First to comment correctly - GO!


Anonymous said...

1. C
2. True
3. D

Forever in blue jeans bitches

Anonymous said...

1. C
2. Sweet Truth
3. C

Anonymous said...

I prefer Ray's.