Friday, October 17, 2008

Definitions: Comcastic

Comcastic (adj.)

(1) feculent, to be valued less than sewage.

(2) expresses the customer service received in a serial killer's hell.

(3) denotes an injury or pain, resulting from nude cactus wresting under a lime juice waterfall.

(4) characterizes a species of Tanzanian water bird which both consumes sustenance and defecates from the same orifice.

From the Italian root comcastino meaning "hand rape."

See also comcasting (v. eating, digesting and ultimately passing a masonry brick), comcasm (n. the coma one receives from too much enema solution), comcastally (adv. work performed in a such a manner as to make things twice as bad) and comcast (n. an infected second anus).


Diesel Burnes said...

The bain of our existance = Comcast

nice post Mr. Brown

Anonymous said...

Bleach Brown is Comcastically Delicious