Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ten Reasons Why It’s Better to Live in Lubbutt, TX Than Inside the Loop

1) Graduating from High School is considered a great accomplishment;

2) Dressing in style is as easy as going to Ross Dress for Less. The GAP is also acceptable;

3) Dinner dates are limited to Outback Steakhouse, Chile’s and TGI Friday’s, which are all pretty practical places to go considering the economy. Man, we love fried stuff with cheese, especially when it is served with an entrée and a dessert for $12.99;

4) Never a shortage of pirate costumes for Halloween;

5) Will never be an Al Queda target – why would they want to destroy something that looks like their homeland?

6) Number one ranked training ground to become an Italian Transportation Engineer, a.k.a. pizza delivery boy;

7) No reason to feel “embarrassed” about that STD since everyone that has a driver’s license has at least four;

8) You have no problem with a restroom pit stop at Diamond Shamrock, because by comparison it’s a lot cleaner than your own bathroom;

9) Plenty of day care at the Junior prom;

and of course:

10) Texas Tech hotties

which might be the cause of this:

Lubbock or leave it? – We think we’ll take the Loop.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! The bellringer in the video just couldn't contain his school spirit anymore and had to let it go, right there on the sideline for all to see on TV.
Wreck 'em Tech! Get your guns up!