Monday, June 8, 2009

Definitions: Kirby

Kirby (n.)

(1) A surgical procedure which fractures the skull to make it smoother and just slightly bigger.

(2) The cost of new suspension mounts on a BMW.

(3) Thin heated copper wire inserted into the penis during techniques of persuasion developed by Koreans.

(4) A Mr. Mister song.

"Kirby frustration down the road that I must travel..."

From the latin: testes kirbitum. or the medical condition commonly refered to as "dusty nuts."

See also: kirbily (adv. the method used to dig out of one's own grave, hastily with no progress), to kirby (v. to scribble autistically in a coloring book with disregard for the lines) or kirbable (adj. able to be fucked, fuckable).


Harms said...

Jen is very kirbable

Diesel Burnes said...

and many are not kirbable...

Piggy said...

Kirby (n. the noise a hemorrhoid makes when ruptured with extreme force)

Ed Wrath said...

Kirby (n.)(8) The feeling you get after a one-night stand when your new friend's pet is licking you in the face at 3:30 in the morning. (9) The scent of an over-powering cat litter box in a small dwelling such as an apartment.