Friday, August 14, 2009

For Different Folks

We were reminded recently of the time when we were little and got in trouble because of The Different Strokes. We were playing pretend in Bleach's back yard, acting out the episode where Arnold got abducted by the creepy neighbor dude. Dick played Arnold, Bleach played Willis, Diesel was Mr. Drummond, and Carlos was the neighbor. Ed played Kimberly.

We were just to the point where Willis realized Arnold was in trouble when our friend Rodney showed up wanting to play too. So we told him he had to be Webster, and he was all like, "Yeah! Webster's dad was a football player!" And we were all like, "Fuck you Webster! Our dad owns half of New York! He owns your dad. Suck it!" Rod and Ed were just about to go maelstrom, but Bleach's mom heard all of this and grounded our asses. We called her Seaward. She was a funsucker for sure.

Anyway, we thought of this recently after we were on a plane with Honey and the flight attendant started giving his saftey spiel. He deftly fastened a seat belt, and then he told us "a complete list of unapproved electronic devices can be found in the magazine in your seatback pocket." So we looked it up. Cell phone, radio, TV...that all makes sense. But it didn't say anything about 14" vibrating big black cocks. So you can imagine our consternation when we pulled "Willis" out of the overhead and started working on Honey, and the flight attendant was all like, "Haaayyyy! You can't do that heere Mister!" Retard. Long story short, that airline does not understand what the word "complete" means.

So now, 20-some years later, it comes full circle. We were arrested because of The Different Strokes. Had to spend a night in jail. They let us have the big black cock though. Not talkin about Willis.
* Bonus points to the Loopizen who sources the borrowed joke in this post.

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