Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Review

Slow weekend at the Mansion
Sweet babies? Few
Time these Lords shall ponder
"Really? You?"

For brews there is Armandos
The fish tacos are divine
The Red Room shines with promise
But alas, it's only nine

Give it time, they say
And in walks the prey -- shiny, and new
But the bitch shields are steep like a castle keep
"Really? You?"

We will perservere
The battle is near
More scotch. More crown
More sarge. Get down

"For the price of a bottle
All this table can be yours"
"Um, fuck you, Jamison
Who needs these whores?"

Because the tennis is strong on the pirate ship
And we're VIP at the Mic. Sip Sip
Dont think for a moment that these Lords are through
You can't see us but we can see you