Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here in La Porte

Here in La Porte,
Cat shit, to Snort,
Test grades, fell Short,
Kin sex, a Sport,
Here in La Porte.

The San Jacinto Monument
Because nothing salutes the brave men that fought and died during our Texas Revolution like erecting a 30 ft granite cock.

We hate us some La Porte with a fever. Which OTL community could you proudly set ablaze with little concern?


Harms said...

Pasadena- no question

sozavac said...

Katy, Sugarland, Richmond/Rosenberg

Anonymous said...

Dumas, Texas

Diesel Burnes said...

Shit I can't decide. They'll have to fight for it.

Anonymous said...

Fuggin Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Santa Fe, an anagram for Ef! Satan!