Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Back

Your Astros are poised to sweep the division leading team from Slut. Louis and pull within one game for a share of the Central. The Eater of Planets, Carlos Lee, yoked a gratuity grand slam last night; this coming after single-handedly relieving Monday night's scoring constipation with a messy 3 run bomb in the 4th.
He only smiles when he's hungry

Not to go unnoticed was a shimmering performance by Wandy, who went 7 innings and 1-3 with a motherfucking double.

Our fondness for this team never dies, though the struggle to understand it continues...
Oswald v. Carpenter tonight. 7pm. Go 'Stros!


Anonymous said...

The Stros blow

hedrives said...

Anon is a "Let's go, Redbirds" cork soaker.

I was watching from the luxo-suites last night as we bitch-slapped the hapless birdies into submission. Wandy had Pujols (who is a beast) handcuffed and on the ground with a foot on his neck.

The men in pink will bring out their hoss Carpenter to try and salvage some respect tonight... but, oops, look at that rotational convergence... we are bringing the O Show.

Can you say, "Sweep"? Go Astros...

Bleach Brown said...

1 Back...We Believe.