Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4 Back - Yes We Can

12 of 13. 4 back in the Wild Card, chasing a Milwaukee team which has repeatedly taken a flaming claw hammer to the gland responsible for effective play. After the current series with the 'Buccos, the struggling Cubs come to town for a three game set, then series:
at Florida
at Pittsburgh
Florida is barely playing .500 ball. Pitt, Cincy and the Braves are all sweepable series. Pitching matchups and a complete schedule here.

Last night, Rice product and 3 year winner of the Houston Golden Chops Award for community service and excellence in the field of general unkeptness, Lance Berkman went 3 for 4 with a 3 run shot and 4 RBIs. The Astros surge is helping Lance's top 5 slugging numbers make a case for NL MVP in a mucky pool of candidates. Did we mention Lance has the power of levitation
We can't see any strings, because all we see is PUMA.

If you're like us, you'd be remissed to forget the last tragedy sent from across the Atlantic. A chaos of never seen epicness which still resonates through the guest rooms of Houston's middle class population. So many suffered, when they didn't have to.
Hurricane Ikea - We Remember!

If you haven't evacuated yet, get out and buy a couple $7 GA tickets to Minute Maid and support Lance, Hunter, Miggie, Wiggie and the rest of the hard charging Astros.

After all, they're winning for YOU. What have you done for them?


Ed Wrath said...
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Ed Wrath said...

A big puma roars