Monday, September 15, 2008

No thanks, Ray

So there was this storm that started in the gulf so large that people who get paid to watch weather gave it a name, Ike. These storms, called hurricanes, have 7 categories of strength and don't typically remain an actual hurricane by the time they get 50, 75, 100, 150 miles inland. They are then called tropical storms or tropical depressions to gay up the lingo (even the weather needs a diverse audience) and address the fact that even though they aren't hurricanes they can still send kittens through blocks of concrete.

Not Ike.

Ike decided to remain at Category 1 strength all the way through the heart of East Texas - the Piney Woods. A lovely piece of Texas that just the right number of people know about.

Now watch carefull Ray Nagin...

You Know the Mexicans are a "Can Do" Bunch

Get Some Tools for Yourself

Our Black People Practice Self Reliance

You are about to see how to run and repair a city and region that has catastrophe land on its face. And no, we don't need your help. Maybe the folks in the rest of your state will be allowed to contribute, but for the most part, we got it. We have enough pride in our city, our state, and ourselves to motivate us over the hill of overwhelmingness. NO, NO, NO, stay over fuck up your city a little sit down...stay. Good boy.


Anonymous said...

Mexicans can do your windows!

Please more racist posts. Marvelous!

Anonymous said...

Yes we can!

Diesel Burnes said...

This isn't a racist post you idiot. It's a jab at Ray Nagin who allowed his city to turn chaotic at a time when chaos is not what is needed. He then decided to blame and point the finger at everyone else for his own problems and even tried to hang a racist tab on those he blamed simply because most of the city is black. White people, no, all people were affected.

Anonymous said...

If I were an idiot, I'd be using words like "overwhelmingness."