Friday, March 27, 2009

Once Hairful Friday: Here We Go Again!

We base our daily lives and general morality around liturgy passed to us by the totem of late 80s glamrock. As these messages of prudence steer us through a tempest of indulgence, our mandate is to worship the benevolent hair providence in all its glory.

With shoulder pad movements that could hypnotize a tree cat domestic, British mansation and Whitesnake creator, David Coverdale, once stood at the apex of resplendence with blonde locks of liquid fire flowing through your girlfriend's every thought. At its orgasm, Coverdale's hair captured the imagination of a confused world, denying its fortress of appeal was then the equivalent of picking a fight with a guy in the riot palming a brick.

Fog machine...check. Wind machine...check. Some mild domestic violence on top of a cream Jaguar...check!

We're in the midst of designing Whitesnake's next cover art, in a transparent dream that our creativity alone will inspire a new album and subsequent 2010 tour, forcing us to bulldoze respective career paths and spend a summer floating between US amusement park venues, catching Hep G from a Mr. Bigg groupie and basking in the radiant babykill that is 'Snake. It's an electric guitar phoenix making love to Tawny Kitaen in a python orgy-pit on Saturn all done on MS Paint and we'll be submitting it next month. Fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend vassals and remember, don't be careful...

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Anonymous said...

DC is good but Sebastian Bach was betta