Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Monday Notes

1. If you happened to have an intelligence seizure this weekend, you were probably downtown on Saturday blowing kisses into the St. Patrick's Day Parade with a retard's intensity. Wetter than mermaid sex, we sat tortured in the back of a pick-up for two hours drowning our fears of pneumonia in Wild Turkey and umbrella run-off.

2. The destroyers of melody, UB40, are slated to play HOB on Wednesday, April 29th. LOTL will be launching a campaign this week aimed at preventing the tyrannical abuse of eardrums from besieging our loved city.
Join us in the fight.

3. Our Runnin' Horns play the Golden Gophers at 6:10p on Thursday. The keg of optimism we carried for this year's veteran team has been whittled down to mere droplets of hope. Even if Texas gets out of the first round, the Horns would face the bonerchomping Blue Devils in Advantageboro, NC. All of this doesn't stop us from blindly hating our opponent though. Remember, you can't spell gay MEN's ScrOTA without the help of MINNESOTA.

4. It's Steve Winwood week motherfuckers!! Inspiration follows:
Higher Love
Arc of the Diver
Spanish Dancer
Talking Back to the Night
While you See a Chance
Roll with It

Enjoy your week children.


Ed Wrath said...

How else will I fill my Sunday evenings without a glass of Malbac and British reggae?

Anonymous said...

Higher Love helped me get through the day. And I am a hetrosexualwho makes over 300K annually.