Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Auld Dubliner: Opening Tomorrow

4219 Washington Ave, Houston, TX‎ - (713) 861-2300
(formerly Chaise Lounge)

This Thursday Night (5/7), snatch up your deadliest bird and head down King George's Way for several flyer jars of the Vitamin G and a good crack. The Johnny Ray is a mate, so we're a scanger's growler if we don't show.
Oy! We playin' work for a mitch on Friday, so believe we'll be on the right piss. Moite!!

Several Lords will be making appearances at what used to be Chaise Lounge (refered by some fondly as Pooh Bar) tomorrow night in celebration of the opening of The Auld Dubliner. The humanitarians* that run Pearl Bar across the street will let you use their valet for this glorious evening, but...please...use it wisely.
Those guys seem nice.

First loop peasant to buy us a neat Jameson whilst humming something off The Joshua Tree gets a waxy pictorial of all 5 Lords made to look like the title drawing of TV megashow: Family Ties**.

Until then boys and girls.

*Please note that humanitarians in this instance was substituted for the more apropos: infant pistolwhippers.
**This does not give any validity to the rumors that D. Swisher once lovehandled an intoxicated Meridith Baxter in a South Philly Hampton Inn. It also does not deny them.

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