Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Haiku: Mind Your Manors

New bar, The Manor
On Washington. Wished we'd
Brought a rape whistle.

Happy Thursday Haiku, comments will only be accepted in the 5-7-5 variety.


Bleach Brown said...

Pearl Bar and The Lot
Are great places to put some
drink in your roofie.

Harms said...

flees, lice,
a horse peeing
by my pillow

Diesel Burnes said...

Harms, ever sweet Harms
you don't understand simple
directions, do you?

Harms said...

nope : )

Diesel Burnes said...

I'll take a bullet,
or loss of limb over three
days of Big Easy

Bleach Brown said...

The door troll scares me.
Is that your mom on the pole?
I hate The Union.

Jen said...

Excellent Haiku
Harms skipped English class and made
out with dirty boys

I still love you though!