Friday, February 6, 2009

Its a Taco Miracle

We believe in miracles. We also believe ghosts exist and that they just want to help us understand...
JLH is apparently listening to the ghost of Debbie Gibson's ruthless bangs

Miracles happen and we stand in dumbfounded awe at their divine gloriousness. Sunrises, snowflakes, dreams, our paycheck, HD television, lymph nodes, Jordan Shipley, processed cocaine, rainbows, really good ribs, kitten faces, the success of Howie Mandel, galvanized steel, the Lourdes Grotto and our eczema medication are all perfect realities which happen without plausible explanation.

If you need us for any reason, we'll be huffing the goodness out of a dense Cohiba this happiest of hours outside Taco Milagro of the Kirby variety. We won't be eating, only smoking embargoed sin and pushing a fix of tequila juice in our faces until blackout or trauma or both.
There is defined reason behind tacos, so we can't slot them in the 'milagro' category as easily as some.

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Anonymous said...

Bleach Brown is a miracle of Egypt