Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Looprivia Vol 2: Off the Menu

Its Looprivia time muppets! You know the drill, first to comment with all answers correct receives a series of terrible prizes:

  • A Lords of the Loop T-Shirt
...Ah she said I was the tiger she wanted to tame...
  • A shot glass of genuine Dominican tears
  • An autographed VHS of The Wizard with Fred Savage*
  • A wet sock full of Quaaludes
  • A personalized song performed in costume by Ed Wrath, set to the melody of Skid Row's I Remember You
If you're worried that answering these questions will result an early morning, Spandex clad E. Wrath's dizzying display of air thrusts and diamond cutters on the hood of your new BMW...your fears are just. Let's get wet.
- Looprivia Vol 2: Extra Anchovies -

1. Mardi Gras Grill on Durham serves which of the following Cajun delicacies...
a. boudin
b. frog legs
c. alligator
d. raccoon
e. all of the above

2. True or False? Brennan's was razed to the ground not by Ike, but by legendary chef and sinister hatchetman Mark Cox.

3. What rho at House of Pies will turn any child under the age of 8 gay for Hispanic men?
a. Texas Fudge Nut
b. Banana Creams
c. Adam's Apple
d. Inverted Toffee Crotch

4. Which definition is correct?
a. Ruggles (v.) - to consume a 4,000 calorie sandwich made from eggplant, fried blue cheese and bitter cherry essence
b. Reef (n.) - (1) a submerged ridge of rock or coral near the surface of the water: (2) $150 before tip
c. Soma (adj.) - describes a group of males in tight shirts sitting on IKEA furnishings
d. Tealas (n.) - a Mexican brand of dog food
*Please note this tape is autographed by Beau Bridges and not a 90s wonderchild.


Ed Wrath said...

Actually, I'm booked for a bachlorette party this weekend, so we may have to push off delivery of the prize.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate teala's

Bleach Brown said...

E - Your mom getting married again?

Dr. - Welcome. Teals's does indeed suck homeless cock for cardboard.

Anonymous said...

Teala's has earned a special place of torture in the seventh ring of hell. My wife's bachelorette party was there February of 2007. Nothing raucus, but they did stay until closing. When my sister-in-law (5-months pregnant at the time, so no drinking and designated driver) went to get the car from the valet, he could not find the keys. Apparently, he had given them to someone else and the keys worked in their vehicle. Teala's staff, instead of being considerate and letting the ladies wait inside while a cab was summoned, tried to force the ladies to stand outside in the cold. When it was pointed out that it wasn't the ladies' fault that Teala's valet had given away the keys to their transportation, one of the staff remarked, "Hey, I've got a life...y'all have to leave."