Friday, March 13, 2009

Once Hairful Friday: Can't Slow Down

In 1983, the hallowed 8 Commandments of Love were gifted to mortals by the blissful tones of a celestial soft perm. This synergy of pop and soul under a curly tress of sculpted excellence exploded through American households faster than dropping bullets into kitchen blenders filled with lighter fluid and Plutonium.

The blind student/teacher relationship can be a tricky one.

Lock up your sightless daughters, because several Lords will be on the prowl tonight adorned in white linen blazers and a confident style. "Excuse me miss, that is a lovely cane."

Have a great weekend serfs, but please, don't be hairful.


Ed Wrath said...

We recommend PertPlus and a large tooth comb for the most effective results. If only Sexy Dex had more hair...

Anonymous said...

Let the music playon layon ayon