Monday, October 20, 2008

Salute to Local Advertisers, Installment II: The Finger Pointing Guy

It is with great regret we issue this post as one of the greatest local advertisers in history has apparently run his business into the ground. Rodney S. finger, the man that committed Einstein-like innovation for the less-than-$100-per-commercial world when he first gayly pointed at his home audience in conjunction with the equally diety-esque tag line "at your fingers", has decided to cut his losses.

Not lost of course is the gesture's pornish inuendo, which will live in infamy along with the debt of 95% of the customers.

Founded in 1927 by Sam Finger, by 2006 the Houston furniture retailer was among the top 50 furniture retailers in the country while pioneering the idea of staging his goods on a showroom floor. Little did he know that his vision birthed on the eve of the Great Depression would see a 50th birthday and proceed to peter out as the younger, fourth generation Rodney (or "the Rod" as his fellow furniture peddlers refer to him) got a little too big for his britches with schemes to double the size of his inventory. Great timing Rod. I suppose you were hoping to squeeze your share of the final drops of bad credit out there into your already impregnated pockets.

Now retired, we assume he will be pointing at his slicing Top Flights, 15-Couric turds, and supple underage country club lifeguards. We are confident, however, that he will continue to support the non-profit Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM), Houston Furniture Bank, and the host of other charities he has given his time and miscellaneous cash to over the years as most successful Houstonians are known for. Peace out Fingers - your commercials sucked something fierce anyway.


Some facts obtained from Allison Wollam's 2006 Houston Business Journal article

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