Monday, April 6, 2009

Astronots: Opening Day Post-Game Thoughts



Fuck you Carlos Zambrano.


hedrives said...

I so hate the cubs and Zambrano. He has the audacity to point toward the roof when he leaves the game like that will help him when the rapture comes of some shit. But his doG-loving ass had the audacity to no-hit our Ike-d asses in the FIX game last season. Where was the christian compassion then?

I was lapping up free beer and sliders in the suites last night, grooving to the Apache fly-over with an Opening Day woodie... two pitches later reality bites and my woodie starts to impersonate my 401K... Gone in 60 Seconds.

I'm going back tonight for more abuse. The beauty of baseball is it ain't over until its over.

Bleach Brown said...

Left a few too many on base early and then Zambrano got in a groove. I was a little surprised at Carols Lee's lack of effort charging that pop fly in the 9th. Didn't affect the outcome, but still.

Anytime Roy goes out there and only gives up 3 ERs, you have to think W.

PS> Pudge looked foolish at the plate.

hedrives said...

I was in an Astros suite and questioned that Lee/Tejada play and all the baseball guys mentioned the Adam Everett broken leg play IMMEDIATELY. These are all old baseball guys including a guy whose number is hanging on the scoreboard. "Giving up the single is better than an injury the first game." Kinda surprised me to be honest.

Pudge looked like shit. Two swinging strikeouts and slow bat speed all game long. Was he sitting around chugging beers while everyone else was at spring training?

Bleach Brown said...

Your baseball guys weren't th only ones pointing out Everett's broken pipe (Deshaies was all over that excuse like a glass of scotch), but Los needs to call off Miggie in that situation and at least not perpetuate his resume of effort lack.

Pudge was actually throwing up .500 numbers in the WBC during spring training. But bat speed indeed was his assailant last night.

Diesel Burnes said...

Indeed, it ain't over 'til it's over.
But, and this is not to keep capping on him, if Pudge keeps swinging like he just hit his head real hard on the doorway of the special ed class, we can go ahead and call it. The paraplegic down the street swings harder and has no arms.
I actually sensed alot of nerves from the guys yesterday. Aside from Miggy, nobody looked relaxed. Hunter had the even-it-up pitch on a silver platter. He knew it and swung faster than Kenny Powers blew all over himself when he finally made out with girly-girl.