Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Monday Notes

1. We're anticipating this work week like we can't wait to wrestle sacks of land mines down a concrete staircase. So we're taking a break from profit gen and kickin' it just for you.

It's Monday, which can only mean one thing...that's right...
...peach blazers.

2. If you like 2 note melodic satisfaction, you may want to check out Yankee duo Ratatat on Wednesday night. No confirmation yet, as some of us are still holding on to the dream of Diamond Club box seats that evening, but there may very well be a Lords sighting at the prime Meridian. Bring a magic marker and your favorite glossy 10x8 of Delta Burke just in case.

3. Opening day son. Look for some insightful bliss on this season from D. Byrnes as we board another runaway coal trolley that is Astros fandom, equipped with a Kate Capshaw (suspect rotation) and Japanese midget (Kaz Matsui).
Dodtor Jones, Mike Hampton is the fourth starter! Russ Ortiz?!?!

4. We would kill a homeless person to interview the bookkeeper of that recently busted Htown Prosty Ring. Over 1,500 professional athletes, doctors and lawyers are gnawing at their manicured knuckles in anticipation of impending divorce/asset liquidation. We've got a pretty great line we'd like to share about "paying for sex" and "eventually getting fucked," but we have too many magazine headlines to scissor and paste on a collage of anonymous blackmails.

Enjoys this cold snap and your week kids.


Larry Kellner CEO said...

I, for one, would not like it if you interviewed anyone from the prostitution ring.

Ed Wrath said...

Your Diamond Club privileges have been revoked indefinitely. Your seat has been doled out to a third year M&A associate with bad breath, a loosely-buttoned shirt and chest hair, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Rath of Khan. Waa-Waa-Waa.

Bleach Brown said...

Larry - Whoa, love you on those inflight safety vids. Keep making us platinum elite and you can do whatever you want.

E. W. - Even Puffy wears a tie to court. And you are wrong sirfriend, look for a LOTL sign behind George and Barb on Wed. Diamond Club...Place at the table!