Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Monday Notes: Tuesday Edition

1. That squad car parked at the rest area on Memorial heading towards the loop from downtown is empty, so stop ram jamming your fucking breaks when you see it. We're behind you. We're always behind you. Chances are we're going 75 and have faces filled with leaded barbiturates and a recklessness that rivals Korean stuntmen. Be careful out there, our lives matter, even if yours doesn't.

2. 37 years old three man Brian Moehler is currently icing his sprained right knee and sizzling 27.0ERA in a JW Marriott penthouse near the Pittsburgh airport. If Moehler had been a racehorse yesterday, we imagine Dewey Robinson's relief of him in the third might have only required a curtain and fast bullet.

3. Better than Ezra tix go on sale for June 6th at HOB this Friday. Get yourself there.

4. Lords Fact Of The Day
All four Lords, as children, were featured on the Soul Asylum - Runaway Train video.
Your guess is as good as ours...

Have a great week goblins!


hedrives said...

1. That "rest area" is not a fooking rest area. It is parking for the Police and Fire personnel who have died on duty. If you have never stopped and walked down, you might give it a try as the monument is quite peaceful up close. Typically, there IS an volunteer, off-duty policeman there as guard. The city will be adding two more names after the Easter morning firefighter deaths.
2. Moehler should be shot.
3. Better Than Ezra? Is that the kind of frat pop shit do you guys go for? Those guys spend more on hair products than guitar strings.

Bleach Brown said...

1. We're not dicks who hate dead policemen, but we're also not sure how dead people are going to use a parking lot either.

2. Or just demoted.

3. You can eat a hot cock sandwich if you don't like what we like. Share it with your boyfriend if you want.

Diesel Burnes said...
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Diesel Burnes said...

1. Great story. The "volunteer" is smoking a dooby behind the monument that is under imminent attack. So move your ass; trucks should not go faster than Benzo's, Beamer's, and Bentley's.

2. Why bring him up?

3. You were over-circumsized, weren't you?

hedrives said...

1. I agree with you on ther asshats who cannot fucking drive in this town. BTW, bitch... A. if I'm passing you on the RIGHT you are in the WRONG lane. B. Did your 2009 Lexus ShitYouVee come with turn signal delete? I cannot read your fucking mind and know which tanning salon you are heading for. C. Don't BRAKE for every goddamn crack in the pavement. We live in a swamp, some settinlg may occur.
2. No comment. Going for 2 straight tonight.
3. My circumcision was used to get both you bitches up to pissing length. Better Than Ezra might be better than Ezra, but Ezra is still playing for change in the downtown tunnels. BTE sucks.

4. Nice blog even if it takes 4 girls to write it. Stay drunk.

Diesel Burnes said...

1. Good to see one motherfucker in this town with some driving sense.

2. Agreed.

3. We'll accept your unrefined musical opinion provided you don't like and in fact wish death upon Nickelback.

4. Without rectal warts like you hanging on every dingleberry of a comment, it wouldn't be a blog - just digital air. We are drunk.