Friday, April 17, 2009

Once Hairful Friday: We Ain't Fraid of No Ghost

In 1984, a monolith dedicated to the flighty Demons of Hair was erected in movie theaters across America. With a vertical style that casted long shadows over the very civilization it ruled, this Gargantua erased the memory of all who came before it like floating down a violent river of grape flavored grain alcohol into an angry lagoon of opium.
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold...
We owe Dr. Egon Spengler for raising us during the tempest of neon that was the 1980s. We know to never ever cross the streams nor stare directly into the painted gaze of a Sumerian madman. We'd blindly follow any instructions that this pillar of hair commands, and find ourselves the better for doing so.

Have a great weekend loopers and remember, don't be careful...

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