Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Surefire One-Night Stand Outline

1. Dinner – yes, we know it seems a waste of time, but trust us, with the amount of alcohol you are putting into her, you want her to drink on a full stomach. Obviously, you don’t want to spend too much money, so we’d take her to a BYOB spot, such as Collina’s or Thai Spice in The Heights. For $20, you can bring a bottle of white and a bottle of red and get her good and buzzed. And the meal itself will likely be under $50 total.

BYOB - Win.

2. Next proceed to a fun, not too quiet but not too loud bar for an after dinner drink (translation: shots). How about Cedar Creek, Kobain’s, or one of those new places on Washington? Start with a drink and then make up some BS bet or dare, and you end up with 1-2 shots. Don’t do too many – you don’t want her sloppy.




3. Since she’s taken a shot or two, you clearly use that as an excuse to drive her home. You certainly don’t want to end up at your place – you want to be in control of the exit. Once you get inside, it’s game, set match!

Good Cop


Diesel Burnes said...
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Diesel Burnes said...

You forgot the part about choke-sex...where's that part?

Harms said...

shoot kids.. why does he have to go all the way to her house...why not try for a BJ in the parking lot, it eliminates the awkwardness...i mean, thats what we would do

Jen and Harms