Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Haiku: In the Bush

Astros versus Cubs
Diamond Club motherfuckers!
That must be a wig.
All Lords made it to the ballpark last night to see Moehler shit on himself and the glint of offense we're capable of on a regular basis. Kepp and Lance going back-to-back comes second to our chance to exchange grips with radio icon Milo Hamilton.

Enjoy your day children as comments will only be accepted in Haiku.


The Unofficial Official said...

Moehler moos, Kepp Rocks

Bourn steals yet he won't hit yet

Lee.....ya i got nothing.

Nice seats bud. Hamilton is the man, I refuse to watch Astros games anymore, I like listening to Hamilton. Especially his non-Astros rants. He covered Bing Crosby, apple pie, lemon marangue and carrot cake among other things.

trevor said...

goodbye slutty temp
I will miss your exposed thong
and aggressive boobs

Ed Wrath said...

Is this an Astros blog?

Bleach Brown said...

the decision is yours. post something.

Diesel Burnes said...

They are the HOUSTON Astros, no? Then it's an Astros blog, an energy blog, cancer, Persian prancer, or ballet dancer blog. Long as H-town's involved...

Diesel Burnes said...

many balls flew far
left early did George and Barb
they hated it too

Anonymous said...

WTF is this? Only comments in haiku? You can kiss my a$$!