Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Dodgers are in town,
But there's no need to frown.
A big man's on the mound
And he's been the fuck around.

While you're at home gettin' drunk,
He's only throwing up the junk,
So drop to your fucking knees,
Casue muthafuckas, it's Russ Ortiz!

And now for your viewing pleasure, a work entitled:
Evolution of a Jstache
Go 'Stros!


hedrives said...

The Ort could not get a call early on last night from the myopic man in blue, but he hung close as timely hits finally found our bats. It was also nice to put an end to the goddamn Dodgers win streak. Go 'stros!

charms said...

Kaz's mustache is definitely art work.

Mustaches hide herpes- FACT. How much are mustache rides? A life time script for Valtrex n denial.

Diesel Burnes said...

That's one hell of a collage...